What do we do?

Research & Solutions

The contemporary world houses more religious denominations than ever before and, thanks to globalisation, they all mix and live side by side. This brings an astonishing amount of diversity to the table, requiring precise solutions to the emerging needs of people inside both small and large organisations. The answers to these issues are seldom easy, and their importance only rises with time. We are here to resolve them for you. Our team will craft bespoke solutions adjusted to your needs, so that you might enjoy the benefits of cultural diversity with fewer (if any) of its drawbacks.

Education & Knowledge-Sharing

Even the best research means nothing without proper communication. That is why we always strive to share our knowledge with different audiences. We are happy to offer you and your team workshops, lectures on the best practices or provide you with necessary learning materials, which will help you achieve your goals.



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Multi-Faith Spaces in Scandinavia

We are currently working on the set of best practices in making and maintaining the so-called "Multi-Faith Spaces", that would truly satisfy the needs of all religious groups, including members of organised religions, as well as unaffiliated and "nones".

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MultiFaithSpace - Portal

Our team is developing a completely new knowledge-portal that will provide you with fresh information on the new developments in the field of "multi-faith", show different cases from Scandinavia and beyond, as well as publish the sets of "best-practices".

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Please contact us at: contact@multifaith.eu